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  • Rambler&Co 11 11 2016

    Sberbank and Rambler&Co launching time machine

    In the context of the jubilee programme Art of Saving dedicated to the 175th anniversary of Sberbank, leading projects by the Rambler&Co group of companies will change their interface and content - over two days users will have a chance to have a glance at how internet media could have looked in 1841

    A hundred and seventy-five years ago in the village of Tsarskoe, at the residence of Emperor of all Russia Nicolas I, an order establishing the creation of savings banks in the territory of the Russian Empire was signed. The order was maximally democratic - savings banks were and are available to all classes, as they were established with the purpose of "delivering financial means for saving in a correct and beneficial way."

    In 2016 Sberbank is conducting a full-scale campaign following its jubilee. The basis for this is the Art of Saving initiative, which will show that the bank’s history is heavily linked to the country’s history, which itself has found its place in the masterpieces of prolific artists. This is exactly why Sberbank gave a gift to Russians, the opportunity to visit 29 museums in 28 Russian cities for free throughout the whole month.

    The largest news and entertainment platforms on the ru-net belonging to the Rambler&Co group of companies -,, Chempionat, Rambler News Service, Afisha and the Rambler portal - became informational partners to the Art of Saving initiative.

    The R.POINT agency belonging to the group of companies developed a plan of support for the bank’s jubilee on Rambler&Co platforms and made a website for the Art of Saving project - - with the initiative’s materials. Also, within the project, on 11th and 12th November internet editions of,, Chempionat, Rambler News Service, Afisha and Rambler will change their main pages and show the day when the decision to establish savings banks was made. Readers can dip into the past, feel the atmosphere of that time and get acquainted with the news from Sberbank in 1841.


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