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  • Rambler&Co 03 10 2016

    Rambler&Co launches the project - an information-service portal for everyone working in or interested in science

    Every day will be publishing materials dedicated to up-to-date scientific news from Russia and the world, as well as lectures and interviews with famous scientists

    "The lion’s share of popular science news will be based on the discoveries of Russian scientists published in scientific journals worldwide. Thus, from the very start the project will report on the top-notch achievements of scientists from various scientific institutions around Russia," Nikolay Podorvaniuk, the project’s director, candidate in physical-mathematical sciences and former scientific department head at Newspaper.Ru, says of the project’s launch.

    "One difference between and other popular science mass media is that the project will be paying substantial attention to matters of organization in science in Russia, as well as cooperation between science and business," says Sergey Yakovlev, deputy to the executive director of media at Rambler&Co.

    Polemical articles will appear every day in the Discussions Club column, dedicated to the theme of the organization of science in Russia and its cooperation with business. In the column, with the participation of the site’s users, discussions will be prompted on various matters: from research process organization at a certain institution to the technical indexes of the mechanism designed for conducting interstellar flights.

    Besides, the site, with the help of the scientific community, will be publishing its own rates, reflecting the work of Russian scientists, scientific organizations and innovative companies.

    "We’ve launched the basic version of the project and are planning to constantly develop: by the end of 2016 it will have an English-language version, and, in 2017, a system of user registration that will enable users to communicate with each other and set the site’s design to their personal preferences," Sergey Yakovlev says.

    The project was earlier announced at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in June, 2016.

    "The unique data collected by will be in demand in the scientific and global community, and will allow the project, in a very short time, to become an irreplaceable resource for everyone working in science, technology and innovations in Russia and worldwide," adds Alexey Goreslavskiy, executive director of media at Rambler&Co.


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