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  • Rambler&Co 29 09 2016

    Rambler&Co launches English-language resource about Russia

    Rambler&Co launches Get Russia - its first English-language resource with a range of publications covering all things top-notch about Russia: from reviews of army and navy achievements to stories from Russia’s most remote regions and their residents

    "The adaptation of key materials from Rambler&Co publishing provides foreign readers with a chance to acquaint themselves with the informational agenda of the day as shaped by socio-political mass media, dip into the rich culture and history of the country, learn about recent discoveries and developments by Russian scientists and much more of what’s being talked about in the pages of Rambler&Co," - says Sergey Yakovlev, deputy to the executive director of media at Rambler&Co.

    "We will be publishing news, articles and photographs of horizonless, picturesque landscapes of the Russian North and Far East. This won’t do without recipes for multinational Russian dishes from famous chefs. Here, foreign readers will find lists of the best spots for entertainment and leisure activities in and outside of Moscow, interviews with renowned Russian and foreign figures about Russia, its special traits, business in Russia and perception of Russia and Russians abroad," says the project’s director Anton Ignatiev.

    Get Russia is facts, stories, interviews, photographs and videos in English for those who wish to know more about Russia and understand the mysterious Russian soul.


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