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  • Rambler&Co 07 09 2016

    Rambler&Co launch Leto service

    The Rambler&Co group of companies announces the launch of the service Leto, helping agencies and advertiser  manage their campaigns and marketing tools

    The Rambler&Co group of companies announces the launch of the service Leto, helping agencies and advertisers manage their campaigns and marketing tools

    With the help of Leto advertising agencies can:

    -      Quickly plan an ad campaign and examine coverage and display forecast in accordance with chosen indexes and audience, calculate costs and get a discount

    -      Easily set up an ad campaign and follow the progress of launch preparations

    -      Examine detailed statistics and receive thorough reports

    The service currently comprises products for audiences, whereby an agency or client can gain access to a certain target audience for marketing goals - for instance, frequent-flyer passengers, mums with kids or individual platforms of Rambler&Co group companies, all via desktop and mobile platforms. In the near future the service will provide all the marketing opportunities of the company group, namely native, performance and video. There will be a total of 12 marketing tools across all of 50 of the companies’ projects. Besides, in Leto, advertisers can keep up-to-date with all special offers on ad placement.

    "We have created a service as simple as the familiar iTunes or AppStore, but only for our partners’ and clients’ marketing needs. The world is becoming more complex, and internet marketing is becoming more and more fragmented from the point of view of effective communication planning, as well as from the point of view of management. Leto is a simple and convenient product for marketing specialists and agencies, designed to assist with the planning and use of various communication tools. For Rambler&Co Leto is an infrastructural solution, a skeleton for monetization of the whole company’s portfolio, which already includes more than 50 projects, allowing for effective management of projects and marketing tools with the goal of increasing business achievements," says Maxim Tadevosyan, first deputy to the director general of Rambler&Co.

    Leto serves as a means of entry for resources and projects of Rambler&Co for ad agencies and clients. Clients can conduct planning and advert placement independently, monitor statistics and follow campaigns' progress and efficiency level, speeding up the process by miles. Moderators join in only at the stage of checking uploaded materials and the availability of necessary traffic.


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