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  • Rambler&Co 12 10 2016

    Rambler fully upgrades Rambler/Top-100 service

    Rambler is launching the new version of its analytics system for website owners using the Top-100 counter. Earlier, in August this year, the portal renewed its subject directory: changes were made concerning the visual interface of the service, as well as rubricator structures.

    Rambler/Top-100 is the oldest rating system on the Russian internet, a subject directory of popular resources and analytical instrument for site owners.

    The Rambler/Top-100 team has created a new infrastructure that will enable the development and rescale service. Data aggregation and the statistical index account algorithm have been upgraded.

    The new interface features more reports and detailization opportunities, various types of charts for data visualisation are available, and new behavioral indexes have been added: time on the page, refusals, depth of view. For the convenience of comparing different indexes, a new opportunity to display two charts together is available.

    Changes also concern the Rambler/Top-100 counter, JavaScript library, and site code plug-in for data collection. The upgraded counter enables the collection of views as basic statistics, as research of users’ behavior on the site. In the new interface reports are available - on the indexes of visits, blocks of pages analytics and site sections. For the collection of behavioral statistics, additional formatting to the page code.

    "Data analysis tools have become an irreplaceable part of the modern internet. Rambler/Top-100 is one of the oldest statistics tools on the market, with its history and shaped user base. Above all, Top100 is a business tool for webmasters and marketing specialists, product and project managers. We looked into the needs of those people and came to the conclusion that the existing functionality is not enough for the realization of their tasks. This is why we recoded the whole system from the ground up and are now launching a web analytics system platform that will be developed by adding new types of reports and tools," says Leonid Cherny, head of products for business at Rambler&Co.


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