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  • Rambler&Co 23 11 2016

    Rambler and 2GIS become partners

    One of the largest Russian media-service portals, Rambler, and city informational service 2GIS announce the beginning of their co-operation. Its first result is a united search for organisations all over Russian cities using 2GIS data on the Rambler portal

    The first collaborative project started by the partners is the Rambler/organizations service: a standalone vertical search based on API 2GIS data. With the service’s help users can promptly find any information in any Russian city or town, including restaurants, shops, hotels, and bank machines.

    "Rambler didn’t make it a goal to build a directory as a product. Searching, as a practicality familiar to millions of users around the world for finding information on the internet, ideally matches geo-informational products such as Rambler/organizations. We aimed to create for Rambler's users a large and easy-to-use search for organizations all over Russia. Such a service will be interesting to both users and company representatives. This launch forms the beginning of the big common story. We are very glad to collaborate with 2GIS, a company famous in the Russian market and outside of it for its quality products and precise data about the urban environment," says Leonid Cherny, head of business products at Rambler&Co.

    "It is vital for us that every user at every point in time should have access to precise data, and that a search for it through API is easy and convenient," says Artyem Kudzev, head of PR-service at 2GIS. "The result of collaboration appeared as precisely such a product. We provided access to our API so the partner could use the data, the precision of which is not our competency, and then install it in their service, to fully close the circle of search scenarios. There are no doubts that a new service will be useful to inhabitants and visitors of Russian cities. We are satisfied with the result and are glad to to have a partnership with such professionals as Rambler."


    Rambler was established in 1996 as a search engine and has since grown into a portal with numerous services and media. It now comprises 25 different projects covering a wide range of user interests.

    According to the data of Yandex.Metrics, Rambler’s audience exceeds 43 million people a month.

    The resource is one of the assets of Rambler&Co, one of the biggest groups of companies in Russia in the area of media, technology and e-commerce.

    2GIS is an international technology company developing services for comfortable life in the city. The company’s main product, city informational service 2GIS, which unites map and directory, is relied on by over 40 million users. The service covers more than 300 cities in nine countries.


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