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  • Rambler&Co 26 09 2016


    On the 26th of September the Rambler/ portal celebrates its 20th anniversary. When in 1996 the company founders registered the domain and first launched on the ru-net search engine, they hardly imagined that in future their baby would become a huge portal comprising 19 media and service projects used by 43 million people per month (average monthly number of users in 2016 according to Yandex.metrics data)

    Last year Rambler/ renewed itself - it changed its logo, launched new projects and updated existing ones, expanded its audience and became a source of united technological solutions for all projects of the Rambler&Co group of companies.

    Rambler/likes was introduced - a tool for adding social media buttons to sites and blogs; united authorization launched, allowing access to Rambler/mail, participation in discussions on media platforms, and saving and using bank cards with the application Rambler/cash desk; the comments system received such positive user feedback that in a very short time following the launch some 40 million comments had been written.

    In the frame of this rebranding and development the portal’s projects were substantially improved: Rambler/weather was given a laconic design and is now able to compare today’s weather to yesterday’s, based on how the data 'feels'; Rambler/radio is now listened to by the average user for an hour at a time; Rambler/video began creating exclusive entertainment content; Rambler/news introduced a new media format - 3D-infographics that visualise data via animation and a pop-up annotation system.

    In the course of one year Rambler/’s mobile applications were noted by Editors’ Choice in the AppStore, were listed in The best - 2015 according to the AppStore, and the portal itself was granted the status of Top Developer by Google Play.

    Marina Rossinskaya, managing director of the portal, says: "Twenty years - it’s surprisingly a lot and a little at the same time. In 1996 I was using 3-inch floppy disks, but Rambler/ had already launched the first Russian search engine. In the time of portal’s existence, Rambler/finance has gone through nine crashes of the ruble alongside its users, and reported to users about the euro rate reaching 100 rubles. In that time, Pink Floyd released only one album, the Acatama desert saw no rain, but computers’ productivity grew threefold. Looking at the blistering development of Rambler/, at amazing people working together, I realise that 20 years is only the beginning."

    Dmitry Sergeev, deputy to the Rambler&Co director general, says: "The help of those who worked on the portal all that time and are working on it with us now is priceless. But I would like to offer special gratitude to our users: thanks to you we are growing, developing and looking ahead. Thank you!"


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