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  • Rambler&Co 31 10 2016

    Publishing House SK Press and Rambler&Co announce collaborative project

    At the annual conference for partners and advertisers in Bordeaux, Rambler&Co announced the start of a new collaboration with the magazine InStyle for the creation of the website In the new project Rambler&Co will serve as a technological partner responsible for the creation of a content management system (CMS), monetization, implementation of the latest solutions in mobile, video and native advertising, and also further website development. The InStyle team will be in charge of all content production within the project.

    Partners will manage marketing promotion of the product collaboratively. Thereafter, InStyle will join the automatic monetization platform Leto.

    The official launch of the page is planned for the first quarter of 2017. Both sides are certain of mutually beneficial collaboration in the project and major prospects of the future site.

    Evgeniy Adlerov, president of SK Press and Progressive Media:

    "We’ve been publishing InStyle magazine with a licence from Time Inc. for 11 years. Up until today InStyle’s policy has been to transfer exclusive content via the hard paper format. We discuss fashion, beauty and style, and it is vital for us to visualise trends with maximum quality and emotion, which is ideal in hardcopy.

    But reality makes corrections to this policy. Now, it is very important for us to interact with our reader in digital - this is why we are launching a new model. For a magazine of InStyle’s caliber, content presentation on the internet is a serious solution, requiring longterm work and technological preparation.

    Now we have begun its realisation. I have no doubts that this model will attract new readers and widen our target audience."

    Elena Razumova, managing director of InStyle magazine:

    "I am very glad that we are launching this site in collaboration with such a strong and experienced player as Rambler&Co. Certainly, we will create a project unlike any that exist in this niche. InStyle’s many years of experience in fashion content creation in the luxury niche will enable us to set up a product well and attract a quality audience, whilst the technologies and marketing experience of Rambler&Co will make the site attractive for our clients."

    Maxim Tadevosyan, first deputy to the director general at Rambler&Co:

    "The partnership of Rambler&Co with one of the world’s most powerful media brands, InStyle, will allow us to strengthen the positions of both companies in the female audience segment of the Russian internet. I am certain that unification of our technological base in the area of management and monetization of content will create an opportunity to offer advertisers a viable, high-quality product."


    About Rambler&Co

    Rambler&Co is one of the biggest Russian groups of companies working in the area of media, technology and e-commerce, with an audience over 40 million people a month. The company is a leader amongst media holdings as per coverage on the ru-net (ranking of the RIA News research center 'TOP 20 media holdings on the ru-net' from 28.11.2013). Established in 2013 with the unification of the assets Afisha-Rambler (the Rambler portal, Rambler/cash desk, Afisha-restaurants and Rambler.real estate services, internet editions Afisha,, the e-commerce platform and SUP Media (,, and others). Since April 2014 the company has been working under the joint brand Rambler&Co. The head of the company directors board and Rambler&Co company leader is Alexander Mamut.

    About InStyle magazine:

    InStyle is a glossy magazine about fashion, beauty and stars. It has been published in Russia since 2005 under the licence of global publishing giant Time Inc. It is also represented in such countries as the USA, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Australia, Korea and others. At present its circulation stands at 140,000 copies; InStyle’s audience is over 27 million people worldwide.


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