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  • Rambler&Co 14 01 2015

    Nikolai Kononov headed "The Firm’s Secret" at Rambler&Co

    Group of companies Rambler&Co announced that the editor-in-chief of the project "The Firm’s Secret" will be Nikolai Kononov, who retired from the position of editorial director at Look At Media.

    "The Firm’s Secret" is the online media about: entrepreneurs, growing, creatively aligned and managed companies, new business models, findings in the field of management and, in general, the application of business issues. Rambler&Co considers that the future of Russia is in private business which is the national economy’s locomotive and in a class of entrepreneurs on whose success depends the quality of life and progress of society.

    Nikolai Kononov, editor-in-chief of "The Firm’s Secret":

    "We tell the useful and impressive history of successes and failures. Parse business processes and the hottest ideas on what to earn. Explain how to develop effective offline business, using Internet facilities. No matter where the events took place - if a case could be interesting to Russian businessman, we'll describe it, take the interview in any language, except the most exotic ones.

    The object of our attention - companies, whose owners and managers are building business, experimenting and trying to find the next big thing, or at least pick up the key to sustainable growth. We believe that the attitude towards the operating side of the business as an art can be found in major retail and application development, logistics and even in the beauty salon where online lectures are read to clients while painting their nails.

    We choose heroes, not ranking them according to size of the business - the main thing is that the case should be interesting and important. Whether it would be a startup or a division of a large company, entrepreneur or just a manager who invented cool move - we do not care. The reader is the king, to whom we seek to benefit. This is our main goal - to unite the audience: concerned entrepreneurs, managers and those who want to start their own business".

    Nikolai Kononov moved to "The Firm’s Secret" from a position of editorial director at Look At Media, previously was chief editor of the online media about business Hopes&Fears, senior editor of the online edition about business

    Nikolai was born in Moscow in 1980, graduated from the Moscow State University, worked for such newspapers as "Izvestia" and "Capital evening", "Expert" magazine and the Forbes.


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