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  • Rambler&Co 11 07 2016

    Fullscreen Autoscroller - integrated fullscreen video-banner for mobile media con-tent (Rambler&Co)

    Rambler&Co introduces the fullscreen video advertising format Autoscroller - integrated mobile video with autoplay. The Autoscroller banner is displayed within the mobile content and adjusts itself to the user’s screen-size by default.

    "The delivery of advertising messages to the user, focusing their attention to a high level, is most efficient via video formats - hence its familiarity to TV advertisers. Generally speaking, we have found a good way to address the market’s need for video advertising on the internet, notably in the mobile segment where adverts are displayed on personal devices and perception is focused on the small screen without extra distractions," Konstantin Polunin, responsible for mobile advertising product development at Rambler&Co, says in commenting on the Autoscroller launch. "Adverts in the Autoscroller format are placed inside the content - this means that the user’s experience is not interrupted. The user realises he’s about to see an advert and knows how to skip it. Such adverts fit very well into media content, which is our specialty. At that, it is worth noting that when creating this format we found a compromise - the video starts by default but audio must be activated manually by the user."

    "Unlike the classical fullscreen formats popular on the market, Autoscroller is not so 'annoying' and is therefore very efficient - the format proved itself in the very first tests, showing CTR higher than 2.4%," says Vitality Baydin, senior manager of Rambler&Co's advertising products.

    On the one hand, Autoscroller allows for the focusing of the user’s full attention on an advert; on the other hand, the user can skip the advert without any extra effort. Meanwhile, comparatively to small video formats, the user’s attention is more focused on the advert itself.

    Payment for the banner’s exposition and the playing of the video occurs only when both appear in the visible portion of the user’s screen, with all familiar targeting systems available to the advertiser.

    Video screening via the link.


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