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  • Rambler&Co 08 11 2016

    comScore conducts audit of Rambler&Co visitors

    Marketing investments in the internet continue to grow worldwide from 15-30%, depending on the region, and reach hundreds of billions of dollars a year. In regard to that, the question of the measure of efficiency of such investment arises more often and the larger discussion about low-quality traffic grows - traffic created from the outside or by 'robots'. The Russian market was deprived of quality measurement for a long time, due to the absence of technologies and validated methodology of measurement.

    In autumn 2016 the Rambler&Co group of companies signed an agreement with comScore on collaboration in the area of measurement of audience quality indexes and advertising placement on company resources. Since the beginning of autumn several waves of measurement have been conducted with the aim of reaching the maximum reliability of results.

    The company comScore provides services of measurement and analytics of online media (in some countries including TV), which renders audiences and advertising more valuable. This data enables market players to take correct decisions, based on a correct understanding of how consumers use TV, video, mobile devices, desktops and other media. ComScore is present in 75 countries of the world, and provides services to more than 3200 clients.

    ComScore data is a recognised standard of internet audience measurement in the USA and Western Europe, is used by publishing giants and internet platforms to estimate and increase the value of their implements and by advertisers for optimal planning and monitoring of their companies’ efficiency. ComScore audience measurements were accredited by the Media Rating Council - the US non-profit organisation responsible for standardization and quality assessment of audience measurements.

    In Russia only free-standing agencies used comScore products for estimation of their clients’ placements.

    In October 2016 the Rambler&Co group of companies, the first to do so among internet and media companies, conducted full-scale research of its advertising implements with the help of comScore to detect the level of 'trash' traffic (In-Valid Traffic). This is traffic generated by bots, page parsers, and specialized programs, which, invisible to the user, increase demonstrations and clicks on adverts etc. According to comScore data, the share of such traffic on the global scale by the end of 2015 was 8-9%*. In the US 6% of banner adverts displayed in desktop versions of sites are classified by comScore algorithms as IVT.

    The results of the measurement of Rambler&Co resources uncovered only 1.8% 'in-valid' hits (In-Valid Traffic)**. This index is comparable to "natural' background noise; thus we can talk about a total absence of robotic traffic on Rambler&Co platforms.

    We are proud of the detection results. They speak for the high level of efficiency of media implements in the group of companies’ resources, which are used in advertising campaigns of the biggest world-class advertisers.

    At present, this figure can’t be compared to anything in Russia, because other internet companies do not disclose their traffic for full-scale audit by independent international measurers. In its turn Rambler&Co will continue collaboration and analysis of its resources, aiming to provide maximum transparency of the internet communications of their clients and partners.


    *comScore Global Advertising Benchmarks Q1 2016

    ** Desktop versions of web-sites, formats Billboards, 240*400/300*600, Superfooter


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